Why the Love of Vintage Kitchenalia?

This week I picked up this fabulous 1950’s TG Green easimix mixing bowl bowl and got chatting with a lady online who said she had at least a dozen vintage mixing bowls, she just couldn’t resist them.

vintage mixing bowl

1950’s T G Green Easimix Mixing bowl

Now I am like this with rolling pins, although I don’t have a collection (as I won’t allow myself to, not until one day when I find my forever home) but I can’t seem to stop myself buying them! I have had some fab ones including this Lord Nelson ‘Gaytime’ pattern one, ceramic ones are my favourite to look out although to use I still prefer my vintage marble rolling pin that keeps the pastry nice and cool.


Lord Nelson ‘Gaytime’ rolling pin 1960’s

I must confess to loving most kitchen related vintage and usually have a good stock of it in my etsy shop. I love it for three reasons:

1. The look of it, it is just oh so much lovelier than it’s modern equivalent

2. The practicality. In generally it seems to work better and last long I guess it comes from a time when everyone (well the females at least) cooked and backed everyday. It was made to be used and to last!

3. The history. As you are mixing your Christmas pud in a vintage mixing bowl or arranging breakfast on a vintage tray you can’t help but think of all the people who have used it before. I personally believe there is a little bit of magic that gets into your cooking and makes it taste better if you use vintage implements.

Now don’t even get me started on vintage storage jars!!

     SAM_1480  SAM_1512SAM_1521    

To see my current range of vintage kitchenware and other home ware items why not visit my etsy shop?


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